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Telegrams brought all sorts of news to people before emails and texts. They were a way to get a quick message to someone be it congratulations, greetings, good and bad news such as births and deaths and important information.

Gram Célèbre provides telegrams for all occasions be they big or small events or just a heartfelt thought you want to share with someone special. We also specialise in Vintage Keepsake Telegrams for Weddings and offer a beautiful Memory Box in which to keep and store them.

The tradition of receiving telegram messages to be read out at weddings was once a part of every Best Man's speech - let us help you bring it back.

We provide inspiration to help your family and friends put together telegrams that are personal to you, often relating interesting facts, humorous anecdotes or poignant messages.

We cater for all other occasions requiring a special message as a one off or as a Keepsake Gift Service with a Memory Box option.

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Creating Your Telegram


    1. Select The Occasion

    Go to Our Products and select either Wedding Telegrams or Telegrams for Other Occasions.


    2. Write Your Message

    Simply follow the instructions to write your personal message.


    3. We’ll Send It!

    We will send your Telegram in a padded outer envelope to protect it on its journey.

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